Monday, February 20, 2012

renting house

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

We can’t seem to get our old house sold. We’ve had it one the market for almost a year now, and over a dozen people have looked at it, but we’ve had zero offers. There is no way we can afford to house payments, and we are moving in 2 months. If we could find someone to rent it, we would. That way, our mortgage would be getting paid by someone else, and we’d still aquire the equity. Then, when the market got a little better, we could hopefully sell it and get out from under it. I think it would be much more marketable as a rental property if the rent included things like utilities or internet. I’ve got to research satellite internet in my area to see if it is something we can do. I know when we used to rent, our utilities and internet was included in the rent. Not everyone does that, but it sure does make it much more likely that someone would pick our place over another one.

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